Sundance Vacations recently made a generous donation to ‘Envision Blind Sports’. They are a Nonprofit Organization in Mercer, Pennsylvania who provides sports and physical activities to promote lifelong wellness for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. They help those with an impairment enjoy basketball, hockey, hiking, skiing, high ropes courses and much more!

Many of our amazing staff members at the Sundance Vacations Monroeville sales office grew up playing sports, and still use the lessons learned in sports in their daily lives including; teamwork, communication and determination. The staff felt like it would be a fantastic idea to donate to this amazing charity to help others learn the same qualities and help get them to enjoy playing sports more easily.

‘Envision Blind Sports’ was chosen because of a very close friend of our sales manager, Nick Mittereder. Ben Friday, is the Program Specialist from ‘Envision Blind Sports’, him and Nick grew up living across the street from each other and have been friends for years.

Nick said “Both Yousuf and I do feel very strongly about the power of teamwork, and in talking with Mr. Friday, that’s one thing that Envision really prides itself on as well. Whether it be the teamwork of their employees and volunteers planning the events, or the teamwork of the athletes participating. We wouldn’t be able to do our job at Sundance without the team and the teamwork we have in the office, so any time we can help foster that same sense of teamwork or help others do so, in this case by donating to Envision Blind Sports, we most certainly will!”

As a thank you for the generous donation from Sundance Vacations, Ben Friday brought in some swag with the Envision Sports logo on them including pint glasses and T-shirts. The T-shirts even had their motto ‘Fear Less, Do More’ written in Braille on the back! How cool?!

Nick said “This is our first time donating to ‘Envision Blind Sports’, but God (and John Dowd) willing, it certainly won’t be the last!”

If you’re interested in donating to Envision Blind Sports, you can do so here: Donate

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