Sundance Vacations firmly believes in the idea of giving back to the community.  For that reason, we hope to help local and national charities promote their message, reach their goals and most importantly, help people.  Sundance Vacations encourages its employees to help out in anyway they can.  We seek to enrich the lives of our employees, customers and those in the community that need it most.


Just as the world of travel is always changing, so is our outlook on the industry. We are dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind vacations while staying up to date with travel advancements. Our goal is to enrich lives through travel. We’re excited to take this next step forward with our new core values, updated on 9/23/2022.

Though we’ll constantly be growing and evolving as a company, our ideals will remain the same: enriching lives through travel. Our travelers know our core values through our actions.

We are:

  • Fun
  • Passionate
  • Inclusive
  • Generous
  • Memory Makers