Sundance Vacations firmly believes in the idea of giving back to the community.  For that reason, we hope to help local and national charities promote their message, reach their goals and most importantly, help people.  Sundance Vacations encourages its employees to help out in anyway they can.  We seek to enrich the lives of our employees, customers and those in the community that need it most.


When Sundance Vacations set out to create a set of core values for itself they turned to the people who it would have the biggest effect on, their employees. The employees were encouraged to come up with their best ideas for core values and ideals that best exemplify the way that Sundance Vacations does business. After a number of suggestions the company finally settled on the ones below that spell out the word TEAMWORK.

Teamwork is defined as a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group in the interest of a common cause. Sundance Vacations puts a large emphasis on teamwork as it is essential to provide great customer service both internally and externally.

In essence, TEAMWORK breaks down as follows:

T – Transcend professionalism
E – Enjoy recognition
A -Always show respect
M – Make honesty your best policy
W – Welcome fairness
O – Opt to have fun
R – Respond to charity
K – Keep a positive attitude