The IT Department held their annual Chili Cook-Off benefiting St. Vincent de Paul!

On Friday November 10, 2017, the IT Department hosted a Chili Cook-Off from 11:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.

Employees paid $5.00 for all you can eat chili, homemade cornbread, pie and cupcakes, and voting rights! It is a cook-off after all! All funds raised will go to St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen!

Chili was cooked by employees, cornbread was cooked by IT employee April S., pie by IT employee Diana W., and cupcakes was baked by Sundance Vacations co-owner Tina Dowd.

To vote for the chili the IT department used beans as voting tokens. There were 7 different types of chili for employees to eat and vote on.

After the votes were counted, the chili cook-off winners were as followed:

1st Place- Shawn H. (IT)
2nd Place- Mary L. (TSR)
3rd Place- SuAnn R. (IT)

After their 3-1/2 hour event, the IT department raised $260 in donations for the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen!

With this fundraiser, the IT Department will have donated over $1,000 for St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen during 2017. The Information Technology team started donating to St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen a couple years ago when they started their chili cook-off, and have been dedicated to help keep those in need nourished!

More about St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen:

St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen is located in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and provides meals to homeless all across the Wyoming Valley. Typically serving 300 meals a day, the organization relies on donations to provide food for families in need.

Read more articles on Sundance Vacations and St. Vicent De Paul: Sundance Vacations Fundraises for St. Vincent de Paul Soup KitchenSundance Vacations 2nd Annual IT St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen Fundraiser; and how Sundance Vacations donated $50,000 to St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, making it the largest donation they ever received. Sundance Vacations employees still continue to fundraise quite often for the kitchen.

Visit the Catholic Social Services website to make an online donation to feed families in the area.

For more information on St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, please visit their page on our Charities website.

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Check out some photos from the event!

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