Senior Kyle Krempasky, Sundance Vacations Tina Dowd and Senior Ezekiel Kuneck

Sundance Vacations co-owners John and Tina Dowd awarded two Lehighton Area High School students the Dowd Family Scholarship. This awards two Lehighton Area High School students $1,250 each for two years!

John and Tina started The Dowd Family Scholarship over ten years ago to help students continue their education. Students apply for the scholarship and are chosen by the High School Guidance Office. The Dowds instructed the counselors to identify students who are in danger of not being able to attend college without financial help. The students who are chosen are characterized as impressing the guidance team with their desire and willingness to put in the work to succeed in college

When Tina Dowd awarded the scholarship she had these words to say:

“It is my honor to award this scholarship. When I sat in this audience too long ago I didn’t know how I was going to pay for college. My father was a mechanic in a coal mine and my mother was a seamstress in the mill that you all use as a gym today. A few scholarships made college possible for me so it is my great pleasure to give back to the next generation of Lehighton graduates.”

For a full list of those students who received scholarships click here.

Best of luck to the students!

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