Our DC Office Helps Charities in 2016

Our Sundance Vacations Washington DC office has done a lot this year to help charity, including assisting three different organizations in 2016: Baltimore Animal Rescue, Fairfax County and OneUmbrella Foundation.

The sales office manager Kate Berger was recognized this year for her individual dedication to a local animal shelter near the DC area, Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, otherwise known as BARCS.

Sundance Vacations has been making monetary donations to BARCS for many years, but Berger always goes above and beyond volunteering and fundraising for the organization all year long. She collects food and supplies and packs them into her car to drive them to the shelter herself every few months.

In August 2016, employees at the DC office began collecting school supplies for the Department of Family Services of Fairfax County, Virginia, an organization with the mission of preventing children from going into foster care.

They stuffed 30 book bags for students to start their next semester and dispersed them to children in families who needed the support. The employees had gathered $1,000 worth of supplies to prepare the kids for their school year with confidence.

Also in August 2016, the Sundance Vacations Washington DC donated towards OneUmbrella Foundation, a foundation that unites cultures and provides assistance to those in need.

The office’s sales associate Frederick Portillo tells Sundance Vacations he has enjoyed helping OneUmbrella for many years and involves himself in their fundraisers throughout the year. On August 6, the DC office donated $700 to supply food for a homeless event.

The meals were provided by the Moby Dick House of Kabob and were graciously accepted by the homeless in DC. In addition to the food we donated, other local organizations funded haircuts, clothing, blankets and more to give. Some Sundance Vacations employees were even at the event to lend a hand!

We’re thankful for our Sundance Vacations Washington employees and are proud of their efforts over this past year. View all charities they worked with here: Washington DC News

For more information on how you could join in on their efforts, reach out on our Contact Us or follow us on social media to stay updated!

*Featured photo courtesy of the OneUmbrella Foundations’ Facebook page.