Children Receive Book Bags and School Supplies

Sundance Vacations Washington DC office employees began collecting supplies in mid-August to begin packing book bags for local children.

Each year, the Department of Family Services of Fairfax County, Virginia donates school supplies to children as well as participates in other fundraisers to support families in the area. This will be the second year that Sundance Vacations has been a volunteer and partner services (VPS) donor for Fairfax County, with the goal of preventing children from going into foster care.

Sundance Vacations Washington DC office co-director Kathryn Berger received the names, gender, age and list of needed materials for 30 different students. From there, a handful of Sundance Vacations employees went shopping to pick out book bags, crayons, paper, binders and more for children to be prepared for the upcoming school year.

Our employees stuffed all 30 book bags with the brand new supplies and dropped them off at Fairfax County to disperse to children in need.

Sundance Vacations Washington DC Office Packs Book Bags for Fairfax County Family Services

Sundance Vacations Washington DC office employees show off their packed book bags to donate to Fairfax County Family Services.

Berger encouraged her office to participate in this annual book-bag drive to make an impact on the lives of children near their community. She tells Sundance Vacations that giving these children a proper education is the greatest gift anyone could ever give them.

“Growing up in foster care, I know that a child’s basic needs are sometimes hard to meet,” Berger said.  “If they can receive a great education, they will grow up to move mountains.”

Berger hopes the $1,000 worth of supplies the DC office donated will make these children feel special and confident to begin their school year.

This isn’t the only thing the DC office does to help Fairfax County. Each year, employees participate in their Adopt-A-Family program as well as fundraise to personally help families struggling with specific needs.

Fairfax County Relations Director Alexandra Stewart told us she loves how Sundance Vacations grants an allotted charity budget for all offices to use each year.

“Volunteer and Partner Services appreciates all the work that Sundance Vacations has done,” Stewart said.  “Their efforts go above expectations and have been felt by dozens of families.”

For more information on children’s youth programs through Fairfax County Family Services, please visit their website.

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