The Shamokin Family: Helping Their Own

Workers from our Sundance Vacations Shamokin, Pennsylvania Office rallied together to help a coworker fly home to say a final goodbye to his mother who suddenly passed away on July 10 of this year.

After Sundance Vacations employee Fred Scott received the news that his mother, Beverly, suddenly passed away, just three weeks before his scheduled visit to St. Petersburg, Florida to see her, Scott immediately tried to push his flight up to arrive in time for her funeral.

Unfortunately, he was forced to pay for a new airline ticket.


Fred Scott’s mother, Beverly, age 54, meant “the world” to the Sundance Vacations employee.

Sundance Vacations Shamokin office employees knew that Scott and his mother were very close.  Although it had been nearly three years since he last saw his mother, his office co-worker Becky Finkle told us that the two spoke on the phone almost daily.

Scott tells us that his mother Beverly was a hard-working nurse at her local hospital and had just finished her third double shift that week before suddenly passing away at the age of 54 of unknown causes.

Finkle and her coworkers knew they had to do something to help their friend say goodbye and began collecting money to pay for Scott’s flight to Florida.

“Cash donations immediately started pouring in,” Finkle told Sundance Vacations.  “Every single person on the Shamokin dayshift contributed.”

Within two days office employees gathered nearly $350 to pay for Fred’s flight to attend his mother’s funeral.

Finkle tells us that Scott was overwhelmingly grateful for the kindness shown by his Sundance Vacations family, and that without their help, he might not have been able to fly out.

Scott shared that he appreciated the “precious time” he had to “celebrate his mother’s life” with loved ones.

“She was my world,” Scott told Sundance Vacations. “I’m forever grateful.”

Just like Scott, Finkle is grateful for her team and is touched by their endless generosity.

“We definitely stood behind our core value of charity to help our own,” Finkle told us.

Sundance Vacations employees — companywide — offer their condolences to Scott and his family during this difficult time.

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