Raising Funds for the Community One Fish at a Time

The Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre office was the leading sponsor for the 5th Annual Children’s Fishing Derby, hosted by the Hazle Township Recreation Board this past Sunday, May 15.

The event was held at Lake Irena in Hazle Township and brought members of Luzerne County together for a day of activities and giveaways in order to raise awareness of outdoor activities for children as well as to collect funds for the community.


Three year old Addison reeled a 15 inch fish. Talk about a born natural!

Despite the misty weather, 89 children up to the age of 15 casted their fishing lines at 9 a.m. and prepared to reel in some big catches!

Winners were selected based on the size of their largest fish and the amount of time it took them to catch it.

Three-year old Addison actually caught the first fish of the day, taking her only three minutes from when her line hit the water. She was also the winner of the largest fish for the girl’s competition, catching a 15 inch trout and taking home a brand new bicycle as her prize.

After the fishing competition, children and families were encouraged to participate in a silent auction to win various baskets filled with games and outdoor prizes for kids.

The township also gave away a number of larger prizes to children such as fishing poles, tackle boxes, sports equipment such as baseball bats and footballs and even raffled off bicycles for different age groups to inspire children to play outside.

Let’s just say that no child went home empty handed!

Joe Galada is a member of the Hazle Township Recreation Board and is always trying to think of new ways to get children in the community excited about getting up and enjoying the outdoors.

“When I was a kid all we did was play outside,” Galada said.  “Now-a-days with all these iPhones and computers, children are growing up behind a screen instead of behind a fishing pole. You can pretend to fish all day long from your game, but nothing compares to getting outside and actually casting your own line.”

Galada tells Sundance Vacations that nothing compares to the feeling of bonding with his children by participating in activities such as these and it is his hope that community events such as this will bring families closer together.

Hazle Township local Belinda Vega attended the fishing derby with her son and was so inspired by the event that she reached out to thank us.

“I loved that everyone there was family oriented,” Vega said.  “You guys [have] awoken something magical in my son, now he wants to keep fishing.  God bless you.”

To learn more about upcoming events from Hazle Township, join the group page “Things to do in Hazle Twp Area” on Facebook.

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