Easter at Sundance Vacations Shamokin Office

Sundance Vacations Shamokin office employees were looking for a way to help their local KidsPeace in Danville, Pennsylvania this spring.

Our employees love Easter and collected toys, candy and other items for foster children of KidsPeace to open in their Easter baskets.

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The Sundance Vacations Shamokin office employees collected a bunch of toys for KidsPeace foster children this Easter.

The offices opened up donations to both the day and evening shift employees, beginning in the first week of March until the end of the month.

Jennifer Rissinger, a former employee, had helped KidsPeace for many years and even fostered two children who she later adopted.

Even after she left, the employees still liked to uphold the tradition of helping the local organization around this time of the year.

Over two dozen Sundance Vacations employees brought in items for both boys and girls, knowing that they’d be helping 35 foster children enjoy Easter morning.

Amanda Sweeney, a Shamokin office employee, told us she was happy and excited to be able to collect for the children.

“It’s such a great feeling know that we are putting a smile on those kids’ faces,” Sweeney said.

Martha Brown, Program Director of the Danville, PA KidsPeace, told our Shamokin office evening  manager, Lisa Miller, that our donation is greatly appreciated.

“In a child’s life little things go a long way,” Brown said, “I would like to thank you….with sincerest gratitude.”

Rissinger came in on March 31st to collect the items our Shamokin office employees collected and we look forward to making these children’s Easter a little brighter.

For more information on KidsPeace foster care, visit http://fostercare.com/

For more information on KidsPeace and how Sundance Vacations employees support the charity, visit the organization’s page on Sundance Vacations Charities. There you will also find a place to donate!

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