Family Promise of Carbon County Helps Sundance Vacations Support a Family in Need

Sundance Vacations teamed up with the Family Promise of Carbon County, Pennsylvania to help a family in their local community.

Yvonne of Lansford, PA received a van from Sundance Vacations co-founders the morning of Thursday January 26, 2017 as a donation to support her family.

The mother will use the retired Sundance Vacations van to get herself to the hospital where she works and will be used to drive her family to anywhere they need to go.


Yvonne stands next to her new van, courtesy of Sundance Vacations!

Although the van was previously a company van, Sundance Vacations co-founder Tina Dowd, who is also on the board for Family Promise, decided it was time to donate it and saw no better purpose than to give it to someone who would appreciate a functional vehicle.

Family Auto of Effort, PA donated a new starter, battery and made sure the van was cleared for its state inspection. The van is not fit for long distance travel, but it is reliable for local driving, which is all Yvonne will need it for.

Family Promise Director Natalie Bojko tells Sundance Vacations that she is grateful for our company’s continued support.

Yvonne tells us she is thankful for everyone who made it possible for her to drive her children to school or get to the grocery store to support her family.

“I am immensely appreciative to John and Tina Dowd of Sundance Vacations and John and his family at Family Auto,” Yvonne said, “I will remember their generosity as I move forward and make every effort to pass along the support to others in need.”

That’s what giving is all about- encouraging others to use the momentum and pay it forward. We’re glad we could lend a hand to a local family in need.

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