Donating Soccer Balls to Underprivileged Children

Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre employees collected soccer balls to donate to a new charity the company has never helped before: Kick for Nick.

Kick for Nick was founded in September 2006 after the death of Private Nicholas A. Madaras of Wilton, Connecticut who was killed by an explosive device while serving in Iraq.

When Nick had come home on leave the summer of 2016, he shared how talented and creative he thought the kids were in Iraq, often kicking around tin cans for sports because they couldn’t afford a real soccer ball.

He had asked his family to send him a few balls that he could give to the children in Baqubah, but never got the chance to disperse them before he was suddenly killed in Iraq.

Since then, nearly 50,000 soccer balls have been distributed to over 25 different countries with Nick’s name inscribed on each ball.

Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre employees gathered 16 soccer balls to send to Kick for Nick in hopes that the donation will provide rewarding experiences for many children.

The featured picture shows our employee’s donations; most of the balls already deflated for easier shipping to the charity.

Are you interested in donating a soccer ball or other sports equipment to Kick for Nick? Check out their Get Involved page to discover where you can mail your donations.

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