On Monday, June 18, the Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre QAR and TSR departments held an ice cream fundraiser for Candy’s Place.

Employees at our Wilkes-Barre office were able to donate $2.00 for 1 scoop of ice cream plus their choice of toppings, or $3.00 for two scoops and toppings! While the employees enjoyed their Sundays, there were tables set up with information about Candy’s Place. After the day was concluded, the team raised $320! Co-owners, John and Tina Dowd then donated $180 making the total amount donated $500!

Sundance Vacations QAR/TSR Manager Ben Uzialko and his team invited Debra Ganz, and Jacklyn Ganz of Candy’s Place to stop by our Sudnance Vacations Wilkes-Barre office to present them with the fundraising.

More about Candy’s Place!

Candy’s Place was founded in 1998 in memory of Candice Vincent-Mamary who was said to of brighten up every room she entered.

Candy’s Place is a cancer wellness and resource center, where they provide support to cancer patients and their loved ones in a loving, safe and home-like environment.

Their Mission:

To provide SUPPORT TO CANCER PATIENTS and their loved ones through a safe, non-threatening, loving, home-like environment.

Their services are FREE for cancer patients and their loved ones. We offer a variety of programs and services:

  • Support Groups
  • Individual and family consults
  • Programs designed for the individual
  • Lending library
  • Educational workshops
  • Cancer resource materials.

They offer support and the comfort of knowing that anyone living with cancer is NOT alone in their journey.

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