Sundance Vacations employees pose for a picture before taking part in the 2016 Wyoming Valley Childrens Association Do it for the Kids Walk-a-thon

Sundance Vacations employees pose for a picture before taking part in the 2016 Wyoming Valley Children’s Association Do it for the Kids Walk-A-Thon.

KINGSTON, Pa. — Sundance Vacations was again proud to be the presenting sponsor of the annual Wyoming Valley Children’s Association (WVCA) Do it for the Kids Walk-A-Thon for the third consecutive year.

The event, which took place on Saturday, April 16, was a success thanks in part to generous donations from the community and local businesses.  As one of three major fundraising events for the WVCA during the course of the calendar year, Kathleen Williams, the Executive Director of the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, said that it’s inspiring to see the support the non-profit receives.

“The support from the community is invaluable,” Williams said enthusiastically.  “We put our sponsors on a banner and proudly display it on the front of the building.  We post it because we want our families to know that if your child comes here with special needs, you won’t pay a penny.  The fees are mostly paid through the Pennsylvania Department of Education Early Intervention Program, but that alone doesn’t cover the cost.  We very much depend on the community, individuals, foundations and businesses to help us help the children.”

The WVCA uses their fundraising efforts to help support their largest program, which is Together We Grow, a preschool located in Kingston, Pennsylvania.  Williams stated that the preschool program has a rather high price tag associated with it as the organization goes above and beyond what is required by the state.

“Every child is treated as an individual,” Williams said.  “We do whatever it takes to help them develop.  Our preschool serves two populations, typically-developing children, whose families pay tuition that is discounted, and also children with special needs.  The goal is to get them ready to enter kindergarten and be prepared as best as they can be.”

Sundance Vacations Charities Wyoming Valley Childrens Association

Attendees and walkers were able to play games, listen to music and even get in on some raffles both before and after the Walk-A-Thon.

When asked about Sundance Vacations’ support for the Walk-A-Thon over the past years, Williams was eager to point out the company’s dedication and ease to work with.

“Sundance Vacations always comes through as the presenting sponsor,” she said smiling.  “It’s so gratifying to know that we make the phone call, follow it up with literature about the event and the check comes right back in to help us out.”

Williams did not hesitate to make it known that it’s not as easy for non-profit organizations to raise funds and that the families that the Wyoming Valley Children’s Associations is helping are the people who need it the most.

“Many of our sponsors are repeat sponsors,” Williams cited.  “We depend on these annual sponsors because, today, it’s harder than ever to fund raise.  Every non-profit is out there asking for help. As we go back to our sponsors, we are just so fortunate that they never say no.

“We encourage our families to participate in these events, but not all of them can.  This year, 70 percent of the families that we are helping qualify as low to moderate-low income.  So even $25, the registration fee for this event, is a challenge for them.  For the families that come, we are so appreciative, but we know that not everyone can participate.”

WVCA Walk-A-Thon

Walkers stepped off at 10 a.m. on a 2.5-mile walk down U.S. Route 11.  Afterwards they were treated to food and refreshments thanks to the WVCA.

Hundreds more did come out to participate in the Walk-A-Thon, which took steppers from the Together We Grow Preschool on a 2.5-mile walk down and back U.S. Route 11.  Along with the walk, attendees were able to take part in music, games and raffles and even got to spend a little time with mascots like Tux, of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, Tricky, from Pocono Raceway, and Hilda, from Turkey Hill.

The event stepped off at 10 a.m. and the gorgeous spring weather provided walkers with an enjoyable Saturday-morning stroll.

Sundance Vacations places a heavy emphasis on giving back to all of the communities and areas in which the company does business.  It’s events like these that, according to Sundance Vacations Co-Founder Tina Dowd, can help build stronger relationships among the workforce and the communities where the company’s employees live and work.

“The many charity events that we sponsor and take part provide a tremendous value to us as much as it does to the organizations that we support,” Dowd said.  “It gets the company out into the community and allows our employees to band together to help a common cause.  Coming together to help others is a perfect way to help build teamwork and promote strong relationships in the workplace.  We are glad to help sponsor events like the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association Walk-A-Thon because we know that the services they provide are an investment in the future and essential to help the growing minds in our community.”

To find out more about the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, visit their website at: or find them on social media.

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