Giving Blood to Save Lives at Sundance Vacations

Sundance Vacations hosted a blood drive at their corporate office in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, November 17 to collect donations for the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross of Northeastern PA Region can always use blood donations.

During the impending winter months fewer donors give blood or platelets, as it is often hard to find time to do so between holiday celebrations or making travel plans.

Sundance Vacations encouraged employees and everyone around the area to set aside a few minutes to give blood at our office. Donors help to save the lives of those needing transfusions as a result of cancer treatment, organ transplants and other conditions.

From noon till 5 p.m., people gathered from all across the region to roll up their sleeves and donate.

After some brief screenings to ensure each person was able to donate, the volunteers laid down and gave us more than just 45 minutes of their time; they gave us hope.

Krystal Pope, a Sundance Vacations employee who donated, makes it a point to donate because there are many people in need, such as premature infants and victims of tragic accidents.

“It takes a small portion of your day to donate,” Pope said. “I have the blood to share and I have the opportunity to save lives every time I donate.”

Christina Polomski, another Sundance Vacations donor, says this was her first time giving blood.

“It makes a difference and it makes me smile,” Polomski said in regards to pushing her nerves aside to help. “It was a very rewarding experience!”

Donors recovered with snacks and socialized around the office before heading out.

As a thank you for their time and support, all those who donated were entered into a raffle for a chance to win a grand prize getaway from Sundance Vacations!*

Sundance Vacations employees and people from all over the region came out to donate.

Heidi Vandermark-D’Aleo, a donation recruiter for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Blood Services Region, was thrilled with the turnout.

“We’re so grateful for Sundance Vacations’ support by hosting a blood drive to help save lives!” Vandermark-D’Aleo said.

Sixteen people donated to the Red Cross of NEPA.** One Red Cross donation can save up to three lives, meaning 48 people will receive the transfusions they need as a result of this blood drive.

It goes to show how one person’s kindness can blossom out and touch the lives of many.

Thank you to all who came out to make a difference!

For more information on the American Red Cross, check out their page on the Sundance Vacations charity website. Be sure to follow Sundance Vacations on Facebook for more opportunities to help other charities like the Red Cross.

*Getaway offer included: eight (8) days/seven (7) nights’ condominium accommodations (two bedroom/ two bathroom) to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, South Carolina. Location and resort determined by the winner. The number of including persons depends on the unit booked, which can accommodate up six (6) people.

** All donations will go to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Blood Services Region unless needed elsewhere in an emergency.

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