Sundance Vacations Hazleton Office Employees Donate Pet Supplies


Sundance Vacations employees Melissa Yeager (left) and Lisa Penkala (right) visit Hazleton Animal Shelter to drop off the supplies and $500 check.

Sundance Vacations Hazleton, Pennsylvania, office employees chose to help Hazleton Animal Shelter gather some well-needed supplies by collecting donations this past May.

Employees brought in cat and dog food, toys, litter, leashes, treats and cleaning supplies such as brooms and paper towels to give to the shelter to support their local furry friends.  In addition to the boxes of supplies the employees are donating, the Sundance Vacations office also gave the shelter a check for $500 to use throughout the remainder of the year for additional supplies.

This is the first time our Hazleton employees are helping the Hazleton Animal Shelter.

Lisa Penkala, Marketing Manager of the Sundance Vacations Hazleton office, said her employees decided to pick a new place to support this year to ensure they are helping a variety of causes. She tells Sundance Vacations that she has an office full of animal lovers and they wanted to find a cause that aligned with their passions.

“They were so excited to make a difference for these animals,” Penkala said.  “Everyone really came together to collect supplies. I think we found our new favorite charity to help!”

After all the supplies were gathered Penkala and a fellow employee Melissa Yeager packed up the donations and drove to the Hazleton Animal Shelter on Friday, May 13 to personally offer their collection as well as the check from the office.

“Everyone here at our office has seen a suffering animal or even went through a loss of their own pet,” Penkala told Sundance Vacations.  “We all wanted to do our part to help animals in our community during difficult times.”

Follow the Hazleton Animal Shelter on Facebook for more information about how you could help.

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