Pittsburgh Employees Donate Toys to Children

Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh employees collected toys from all across Santa’s workshop to donate to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh this holiday.

The children’s hospital was named to U.S. News and World Reports for being one of the ten “Best Children’s Hospitals” and has thousands of current patients and more than one million outpatients each year.

Because of the large number of people under the hospital’s care, our local office wanted to help out in a big way!

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Our Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh office employee holds the long receipt of all the toys they purchased to donate!

Our Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh office went shopping with the mission of spending $3,000 on toys for children at the hospital!

“Their shopping carts and hearts were full!” said Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh office manager Yousuf Al-Meer.

Five of our Pittsburgh office employees met at the Toys”R”Us in Monroeville to do the shopping and collectively purchased 100 toys and seven gift cards to cross off items on children’s wish lists.

Aleisha Bell, a Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh office employee, tells us that herself and another employee, Renee Terensky, share a personal connection to the Children’s Hospital.

Terensky’s grandson/Bell’s cousin was born prematurely in December 2013 and spent his first Christmas in the Ronald McDonald House for Children, which is a branch of the Children’s Hospital for long term care.

While he was at the Children’s Hospital, others had donated toys and he received his first Christmas presents. Bell tells us that she was grateful for the hospital’s support back then and wanted to do her part to thank them.

“Being away from your family on Christmas is hard,” said Bell, “So with these gifts, we hoped it would make them feel a little better.”

For more information on how you can help the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, please check out their website.

View all charities Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh worked with here: Pittsburgh News.

To join the effort, please reach out on our Contact Us or follow us on social media to stay updated!


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