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ADDRESS: West Pittston, PA 18643
EMAIL: [email protected]

Like so many other domestic animals, cats have a purpose in life and deserve to have food, shelter, care and feel loved. Cats provide so much to humans and ask for so little in return. The Rescue Warrior Cat Rescue is a non-profit, foster-based shelter that has a mission to help cats have a quality of above a mere existence and respect the species as a living creature. We strive to provide for the cats in our care and to help people understand the needs of their own cats through education.



The Rescue Warriors Cat Rescue is a foster-based rescue that is an approved 501(c) (3), non profit organization. We are solely a rescue, not a “TNR” (Trap, Neuter, Release) organization, as we do not have the resources at this time. Our founding team have been working with rescues and shelters to help cats for years, so this isn’t their first rodeo. Our group is small but very bonded in our mission…the cats. We chose this name to represent how we feel each time we had rescued a cat, helped a cat in need or helped a person understand more about their cat. A small victory is a triumph of sorts. Bringing our common goals to the table, the desire to help and focusing on what we can do to help…we formed…wait for it…The Rescue Warriors Cat Rescue.

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