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Sundance Vacations Pittsburgh donates to Grindware


Grindware is an organization that focuses on helping motivate individuals. The Grindware Foundation which has four different programs to assist underprivileged youth.

Sundance Vacations supports Grindware by sponsoring children for their MTAG Camp, a youth basketball camp featuring motivational speakers, special guests, and more to motivate people both on and off the court.

Their four divisions include Gware Gorillas, 2nd Wind, Street Team, and MsGrindware.



Gware Gorillas is the athletic and media division, hosting sports teams and motivation videos to promote positive outlooks and encourage involvement.

2nd Wind is the name of the group of urban speakers that promote Grindware’s message of motivation. These are peer-to-peer speakers that give youth the opportunity to talk in a setting with people in similar situations. Speakers cover relevant topics such as bullying to help their peers overcome problems they experienced themselves.

Street Team is similar in which they hold events and seminars with speakers in the area. Grindware volunteers bring the youth to visit college campuses and see the road they could be walking down.

MsGrindware focuses on the women of their communities, providing scholarships and mentorship to girls and young ladies in need.

For more information on Grindware’s different community programs or how you can help, visit their website.

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